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Action-packed platformer Blue Fire launches in February


Too on the whole, I first hear about neato-attempting indie games when they’re barely higher than a sparkle within the creator’s test up on. It’s a true handle when something falls in my lap that I’ll have the skill to play previous to I’ve forgotten it exists. Enter this circulation-packed platformer Blue Fire which is launching on February 4th whenever you occur to’ll be hopping, hacking, and slashing your scheme by its dim world.

“Embark on an unprecedented adventure by the perished world of Penumbra to explore weird and wonderful temples crammed with extra and extra advanced 3D platforming challenges, diverse enemies, quests, collectibles, and extra,” order the builders of Robi Studios. I tried to use a screenshot up there that captures how rapid its circulation appears, but a quiet image comely doesn’t create it justice. In discovering this right here original trailer for a survey at it.

Sure ample, Blue Fire appears to possess the total platform-y issues one would demand. There’s wall running, laser dodging, and some column of air riding too. Ah proceed and the oh so lovely air bolt leap as well. Outdoors of the jumping and dodging there are varied cloaks to equip your character with and upgrades to free up that give you further talents. I don’t on the whole bound in for 3D platforming but this one I rather delight in the survey of.

You will be in a position to have the skill to gain Blue Fire over on Steam where this also can merely open on February 4th for $20. A put in pounds wasn’t talked about, but that’s someplace within the neighborhood of £15 for you of us.